Glorious Day…

How awesome are these clouds? The rain is coming closer to where I live so these are the clouds rolling in before the rain clouds appear. I took this picture just after dropping off my daughter at school and I swear seeing the sun rise will put anyone in a good mood! Early this morning the pitter patter of little feet woke me up…before managing to even open my eyes I hear the sound of the shades opening and my little sweetie saying “mommy! Look!!! The sky is pink!!!!!” Just about every morning she comes creeping in to look out my window. That window faces the east so she can always see the sun rise. Even as a baby she would pull herself up to that window to peek out! The sunrise this morning was stunning, if we hadn’t been running very late I would have gone out to get a picture! We enjoyed it for a few minutes until I realized I didn’t get her lunch packed last night which meant I needed to make her a lunch before we leave for school. Somehow that turned into quite a hard task, the grapes had gone bad, we ran out of some other lunch staples so what normally would take me a few minutes put me a half hour behind. Being a parent is hectic, being a single parent is probably even more hectic! It’s hard not to get discouraged and run down, and of course on the way to school we got stuck behind every bus, garbage truck and traffic jam possible! How do we avoid getting stressed out? Stop and enjoy the beauty around you…realize you will have good days and stressed out days. So no matter where you’re at in life, maybe a parent, student, empty nester, or just trying to find your place….take a deep breath….it will be ok 😊

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