Search for fall colors…

I have never anticipated fall as much as I have this year. I have always enjoyed photography, I know my cell phone pictures don’t take professional quality but I still love the challenge of getting a good shot  even without having professional equipment! I also love being able to share my love of writing and photography with all of you! Heather and I went on a nature walk while our kids were in school. My husband worked from home today which was a nice treat, so our nature walked was a quick one because I wanted to get home to spend time with him. I’ll admit it seems the stunning forests full of rainbow colored trees is taking its own sweet time this year. Growing up my sister and I called them lollipop trees! We would be in the back seat on our way to Grandma Dominos house and the hills would be covered in multicolored trees that looked like colorful lollipops standing next to eachother! It was always our favorite time of year for a drive! Those fall drives led to spending time with Grandma Domino at her home. We would do puzzles, play skippo and phase 10. Eat delicious food and manage to eat up all the treats in the candy jar. There was a creek out back my sister and I would explore, learning to skip rocks (I’ve never been good at that!) As well as collect bugs and look for fossils. It was a fun and simple time, I miss those days. I don’t want to go back in time and relive them but I wish I had more memories of them. Enjoy where we are in life right now….someday it will change. Maybe for the better or maybe not…but it will continue to change and shift for the rest of our lives. Enjoy the journey, learn, grow and change with the times….with willingness to learn and grow comes maturity…and the more maturity you have the more you apperciate everything around you!!!! Have a great day and take time to go outside!!! 🌻🌻🌻 Meanwhile I’d like to show a few more pictures of my walk today!

Love the red and orange leaves!
Lighting isn’t great but such a pretty spot…there was turtles and Chipmunks here!!!

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