Life’s Long Path…

It has been one of those mornings, I’m still struggling with this head cold, I now have a migraine on top of that. My head feels like it’s splitting in half and my child wants to sing “baby shark” for the nine millionth time! (And thank you kindergarten for teaching her such a “fun” song!😉) I ache for peace and total quiet today, for someone to realize the discomfort I’m in and say “here you sit down, I’ll get you some tea and take care of everything today” . Life continues even when we are sick and as mom’s we often aren’t allowed to take a sick day. So off we went on the days scheduled plan. I was getting cranky and just wanted to lay down and cry. Another thing about being a mom, you’re never allowed to be cranky alone!😖 When your family senses your crankiness suddenly everyone else becomes just as cranky as you and you’re still expected to make thier crankies go away! My husband went to go chop wood in the woods to heat the house this winter and I went off (crankily) with our daughter to go explore. I start seeing this little child getting as cranky as her mommy, how our children mimick us!!!! Now I wasn’t cranky with her at all, just a tired sick mama who had a migraine and can’t stand the baby shark song! Her and I came home for lunch empty handed, she was hoping to find a toad, salamander and see a deer and we didn’t see any of those things so she was quite snarky about it! While home to eat we did a quick project for my in laws(fixing a shoulder bag) and I took her back up to were my husband works in the woods. I wanted to return the now fixed shoulder bag and say hi to my husband again. So off to the woods we went again and soon enough we found my husband. He gave me a smile like he was actually glad to see me, I realized my crankiness wasn’t making me feel better, it wasn’t making anything easier. My bad attitude was only trickling down to others. I made up my mind that it’s always better to either let go of the crankies or just explain why you are cranky! Holding it in does nothing but hurt you and those around you. After I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to be cranky and I would tell my husband about why I’m in such a sour mood, we ended up having a lovely nature walk…and you guessed it, we found a toad, salamander, and even saw a deer! Nature even gave us a gift of finding a turkey feather! To anyone who has a young child you will know that any sort of nature find is pure amazement! When my husband got home we had a talk and we got ourselves back on the same page. Being cranky and angry is not productive. We all have bad days but you’re better off talking about it. The weekend turned out amazing despite my still struggling with this migraine! Hope all of you can let go of the days frustrations and have a fabulous weekend!

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