Peace Like a River…

Ok so this may not be a river….more like a small stream…but it’s still very peaceful! The water slowly trickled down and these leaves lay on top of the water. Getting this picture wasn’t as easy as oh hey there’s a pretty stream, let me take a picture! Nope! Now I’m no stranger to getting into weird spots all in the name of photography…I’ve been an amateur photographer for a very very long time. But now I’m in my 30’s…it’s not as easy to get down into these places let alone get back out!!!! Heather was with me as we are both amateur photographers and enjoy going on nature walks together. This stream was tucked down a ravine! Steep sides with unsteady rocks and small holes where who knows what creature is living in them. Heather asked if I really plan to go down in there and I said “well yes!?” Forgetting that I’m not 18 anymore. I started to climb down and told Heather my last words in case I didn’t resurface. I got down there and it was just so pretty!! I shouted up to heather to start singing “as a deer panteth for the water”, she laughed but never did add some music to the background of my picture taking. I took many shots in hopes of getting one I liked, and then time to voyage back up…the unsteady rocks now more unsteady since my trip down was more like an ungraceful slide. I went home and eagerly looked at my photos and was thrilled that I did get the shot I wanted…. peaceful, colorful and relaxing! What does fall look like where you live? Take some pictures!!!! There’s beauty all around us!!!! Have a great week!!! 😊

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