Let the Sun Shine…

This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever. I LOVE how the sun’s rays look in this picture! Anyone who uses a cell phone camera knows that often you can’t see what you are taking a picture of when doing outdoor pictures especially in bright light! I had no idea I even took this picture until I got home and was thumbing through the photos! The light is so powerful that it cuts through the tree tops and shines down on us. Back when I was a foster mom my family went through some very hard times. Props to all you foster parents out there, being a foster family is not easy! We had the honor of fostering 4 wonderful kids, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But for me I really had a huge struggle feeling like these kids go into the overwhelmed system and they become a number….just one more kid to get back to thier family as quick as possible often not really being sure of the child’s or birth families best interest. Not everyone has the same experience with foster care, this is solely just my own experience and observations from my time as a foster mom. Our 1st three foster kids came from families who didn’t seem to care about them at all….I won’t go into details due to privacy reasons so I’ll ask you just trust me that this was the case. I found it very hard to not get jaded by the system. Long story short after being certified for a year we decided as a family that being a foster family wasn’t the path for us…just before we officially stopped fostering we got a call about a baby girl who needed a foster home. We said yes as this was a short term placement since at this point we were doing respite weekend care. This beautiful baby girl came into our lives and her mother forever changed my life. As I took the baby for visits with her mom my jaded veiw of fostering melted away. This mom CARED, she loved her baby with all her heart and was determined to do what ever she had to do to get her back. I know there are a many mom’s like her out there who’s children are in foster care and they are working very hard to regain custody but for me this mom was the only mom out of all my foster kids who had a mom ready to do some very hard work to get her child back. Her and I  grew to be friends….in fact, she just had her second child and I am going to the hospital to visit her today! That baby girl is now almost 2 years old…yep..me and her mom have kept in contact for almost 2 years! Her mom was the ray of sunshine in my time as a foster mom. We foster parents see a lot of upsetting things both from the community as well as from professionals who should be helping. I have also heard a lot of moms don’t have a good relationship with the family who is fostering thier children. This should change….being on friendly terms isn’t always possible depending on the circumstances regarding the child’s family. What is possible is to treat the family with respect and love because whenever possible and safe you do want to put these families back together. We are on this Earth to bring love and light into other people’s lives…every person you are in contact with you have a chance to be that ray of sunshine….just like that mother was for me! Shine your light for everyone to see! And as always, do something nice for someone else today!🌄

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