Enjoying Every Moment…

It never ceases to amaze me how no matter what stage of life we are in we can still teach others…even if we don’t know it! I’ve been visiting a very dear friend of mine in the nursing home. She is struggling terribly to adjust to what her situation is. The last few days seem to have been extremely hard for her and I have barely seen her crack a smile. But she’s still teaching me…without even knowing it. Sometime life changes in the blink of an eye….for her she was fine one minute cooking breakfast then bam! Stroke! And now her life is totally turned upside down and she is grappling to deal with it. While talking with her today she said something to me…she was referring to another woman she sees at the nursing home who is wheelchair bound, can’t feed herself, usually sleeping and not really coherent most the time….my friend said “why? Why does God leave us like this? Why doesn’t he either make us better or take us to heaven? Why does he just let us sit here?!” . It wasn’t a question I was expecting to have to answer….her husband use to be a pastor, so in her prime she would be the one answering this question not the one asking it! Trying to come up with an answer that she could easily understand I replied “well, we don’t know Gods plan, but he’s with us always and he knows our future and we have to lean on that, maybe sometimes he leaves us behind to teach other people to be thankful for all they have”. She thought a moment and said “well, I can walk and feed myself….that woman can’t…I guess I should be thankful for that” …I learned two things by her asking this question. One: being thankful goes so much deeper then just prayer before a meal, it’s being thankful for EVERYTHING….and sometimes that’s just seeing that you can feed yourself and others can’t….be thankful for every thing you have! The second thing I learned is that no matter how old, no matter how well versed you are, you sometimes still ask “why?” …as my visit with her came to an end I gave her a hug and sent her on her way to eat lunch. I planned to go home and get some cleaning done but the minute the sun hit my face I knew I needed to take a walk instead. So off I went to a town near by to take a nature walk….my mind was still spinning from my visit, I myself am grappling with dealing with an aging loved one. It’s never easy, EVER. I walked to the lake and then made my way back up and saw this…..STOP…..yup…that’s what I need to do! Stop and just take in the moment! The air smells like fall and leaves blowing around and the Chipmunks and squirrels are out in full force today! The sun is shinning for the first time in a week and the sky is blue! I can’t control what’s going on in most areas of life, but I can choose how I handle myself. So I continued my walk and enjoyed the Chipmunks chasing eachother with thier tails straight up! The squirrels in the trees dropping acorns and I even ran across geese in a feild, it was a nice peaceful walk and I am so thankful I have eyes that see, legs that walk, a healthy body, ability to drive a car to where I want to go, a warm home to sleep in, a loving husband and daughter who I wouldn’t trade for anything and I’m even thankful for that stinkin garage I still have not managed to finish cleaning!!!! Take time, enjoy where you are at in life and what you have right now! Find the humor in today and look forward to tomorrow! Each day is a gift and it’s up to us how to use it!!!

Here’s some geese I stumbled on, there was another five or six in the water swimming off camera!
I love this bridge…many memories of my daughter catching crayfish around this bridge!

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    1. Hi KJ Solomon! Welcome to sunflower hill! So glad you liked this post. And I’ll check out your post! We take life its self for granted, then when we see others like my friend struggling we realize we have so much! Times like this put life in prospective!!! Hope you check out my older posts!


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