Whipped Sweet Potatoes Recipe…

Let’s get a head start on planning thanksgivings side dishes! Whether you are preparing the entire Thanksgiving meal or your bringing a dish to pass this recipe is a must! It fits most people’s dietary needs, it’s super simple to make and it’s very in expensive!!!! It’s also very easy to expand the recipe so you can make it for a crowd at church or just a small family meal. I made a small batch using just two good sized sweet potatoes, for Thanksgiving I usually use 4 good sized sweet potatoes and that feeds my Thanksgiving table of 6 adults and 2 kids. Enough of the chit chat, let’s get cooking! Notice the time on the stove clock….this will show you exactly how long from start to finish.

Ingredients: a couple sweet potatoes and a can of coconut milk, a tablespoon or so of honey and that’s it! The honey I already had in my cupboard so I spent maybe $3.50 on the other ingredients needed.
Step 1: fill a pot with water and put in sweet potatoes, bring to a rolling boil and allow to cook until a sharp knife can easily slide in and out with no real effort. I keep a kettle of water boiling on the back burner to refill the pot as needed. The kettle isn’t in this picture but was put on the burner after taking this shot.
Step 2: It’s about a quarter to 10am so it took just over an hour to cook these. Now they are soft and ready to slice! Cut them in half then make a slice down the length of each half. Use an oven mitt as they are very hot!
Step 3: peel the skin right off! This is easy as can be with very little effort. It is hot so be sure you have an oven mitt.
Not even 10am yet and they are cooked, cut and peeled! Ready for the mixer!!
Step 4: toss in your sweet potatoes and start the mixer, once they have been smushed then add some coconut milk. Today I only needed about a third of the can because the batch is small but the point of the coconut milk is to make it light and fluffy. No it will not taste like coconut! Then I added about a tablespoon or two of honey. Give it another mix and put in a pretty bowl and it’s ready to serve!!! If you want you can premake this and freeze it in a freezer bag! Then the day before Thanksgiving put it in the fridge to thaw and warm it through on Thanksgiving!

I’d love to take credit for this recipe but it is not my own. I saw this on the morning talk show “Kelly and Ryan”. This was a few years ago and I tried this recipe and loved it so much that I make it every Thanksgiving now! I hope you like this too and don’t be put off by the coconut milk, you really don’t taste it, I despise coconut in any form so if I love it I’m sure you will too! And feel free to add things like brown sugar or walnuts or whatever you like! Happy cooking and do something nice for someone else today!!!!😃

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