Easy Butternut Squash Recipe…

Here’s another easy side dish perfect for beginners, perfect on a tight budget and will please a crowd! Season as you like, I prefer just adding some brown sugar and maybe a touch of butter and that’s it! Secret to the smooth texture is to puree it after cooking it. The squash does spend a few hours in the oven but it takes care of its self…you can even put it in the crock pot and go off to run errands with no worry.  You can also make a batch and freeze for later in the winter! I like to freeze leftovers so I can pull them out on a day I’m not feeling well, this way dinner is done!

Ingredients: this is a long list full of complicated ingredients so get out your pen and paper! Ready? Ok…..one butternut squash and some brown sugar if you’d like to sweeten it. Yup that’s it! So simple and easy on the budget!
Step 1: take the squash and poke a few holes in it with a sharp knife. This knife is about 3 inches into the squash. You need a way for steam and juices to escape. Don’t go to crazy, just a couple holes will do. I did three today.
Step 3: you’ll need a large pan with sides. Also, feel free to use more then one squash. I am making a small batch so only one is needed but I have done this using 3 squash at once. After you put your squash in the pan add about a cup or two of water. This will help steam the squash so that it’s cooked all the way through. Notice no need to peel and chop the squash. This recipe is so easy!
Step 4: cover with foil or a lid depending on what you have your squash in. Turn your oven onto 300° or do the same thing using your crock pot putting it on high for about 4hours or low for about 6-8 hours.
Step 5: 2 hours later it comes out looking like this. Darker and a knife slides through like butter
Step 6: cut it in half and scoop out the seeds.
Step 7: scoop out the squash from the skin and put in the blender
Step 8: if you choose to sweeten it now is when I add about a quarter cup of brown sugar and today I chose to add 2 tablespoons of butter. But it also tastes great just squash on its own!
Step 9: THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! if you don’t like stringy squash then this is how you get it smooth. It just takes a minute to puree in the blender and then it’s perfect! Today you can see I have my tiny helper in the kitchen with me. You can also enjoy my cluttered kitchen! Holiday backing means a kitchen counter that is full!!

Thats all there is to making squash! You can add your own extra ingredients as well! It’s very tasty and you can sweeten it as much or as little as you like! Have an awesome day and I hope you enjoy this recipe !!

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