Apple brioche dessert…

Here’s another quick treat you can make easily. It actually makes for a tasty breakfast or an evening snack! I bought a loaf of brioche bread at the store and cut it in thick slices. Peeled and chopped a variety of apples and cooked them down in a hot pan with water, sugar and cinnamon. Once cooked down I toasted the bread and spooned the apples over the top! That’s it!

Ingredients: sugar, cinnamon, apples and brioche bread.
Step 1: peel and chop apples and put them in a pan, add cinnamon and sugar to taste and about a cup of water. Turn on medium heat and stir.
Step 2: After about 20 minutes it will have cooked down and made it’s own sauce. You can easily make this into a bigger batch. I made a small batch just for a special treat. Before serving taste it….depending on your apples it might not have enough sweetness or juice. If you need more juice you can add some water or even better add cider or apple juice.

After you made your apples you can toast thick slices of brioche bread. Tastes best when you put a small bit of butter or jelly on the toast and then top with warm apples. A scoop of ice cream or whipped cream would also be amazing! And for you gluten free people….try skipping the bread and just using these apples as a warm topping to a bowl of vanilla ice cream!

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