Gardening Tip: Green Onions…

Do you ever buy a bunch of green onions at the store and then it seems like you can never get through them all? Many people say just put them in a jar or mug of water and you can keep trimming the green tops and use in recipes! Now that is very true but I often find that my green onions take over the jar quickly….tip over…get kind of scraggly and end up getting moldy even with water changes. So this year I took my left.over green onion roots and put them in the garden, it wasn’t long until thier vibrant green tops came back to life. Now that it’s fall I dug up those same onions which have also sprouted babies. I’m lifting them up and keeping them as a kitchen garden! Having organic soil will keep them fed and hopefully last until spring comes when they can go back in the garden! Here are some pictures below to show you in depth what I’m talking about.

Typical way to keep your green onions going…look how small and dry the base is. If you were here you’d be able to really see these onions are lacking nutrition. New growth is spindly and dries up fast.
Here are the green onion leftovers I planted this spring and summer. Great color from root to tip! The base of the onion has grown alot too. These onions are well fed and do not lack nutrients.
This is an 8 inch azalea pot. I have three of them all filled with organic potting soil and green onions from the garden. These will be brought indoors very shortly as the temperatures are getting colder!

Hope you all enjoy this tip! It’s a good way to enjoy fresh home grown produce even in the winter! I also do this with my parsley, though I do not plant it in the ground but I do keep the pot outside in the warm weather and bring in when it’s cold. Trick to keep it producing is to cut off it’s seed stalks before it fully goes to seed. My parsley plant is 3+ years old.

Have a great day and get out in the garden! Still time to plant some bulbs!

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