A Day in the Woods…

One of my favorite places to be is in the woods. Besides being allergic to everything in the woods I do enjoy everything else about it! My daughter and I both load up on Zyrtec and away we go! For the last 5 years I haven’t gotten to thoroughly enjoy the woods in the ways I did pre motherhood. In the 4 years of dating, my husband and I would go out together with our dog and chop wood for my in laws. We enjoyed the time together, we like doing manual labor together. This is my 1st year since pregnancy I have gotten to truely enjoy doing the hard work of homesteading. Our daughter enjoys going off and exploring. She knows she needs to stay within seeing distance of us. We always tell her that if you can’t see mommy or daddy then you have gone a bit to far. She’s pretty good about following that rule. The neighbors boxer often comes over to visit and we enjoy him! He bounces back and fourth between seeing what I’m up to then go off to play with my daughter. As most us mom’s can probably relate, once we have a baby the baby consumes most our time and attention. Nothing wrong with that at all…it’s a special period of time with your baby you only get to experience once so enjoy it! But we also miss being able to do other things and not having to stop for diaper changes, feedings and nap times. This fall I have been able to join my husband again for the work we use to do together. It’s been fun getting time to reconnect with him as a partner and friend. Neither him or I are much for “date night”, I’m not the type who wants to go out to dinner and a movie or any of that typical date stuff. He isn’t home a lot so when he is home I like all three of us to be together. Working in the woods is perfect. Our daughter goes off to explore and returns every so often with a new bug or stick or something she wants to show us, my husband and I get to spend hours together cutting and stacking wood, fixing the barn and all kinds of other fun projects. Today as we were working on putting a wall up for the wood shed I held a board for him to screw in and he ended up losing his footing and falling down…..kneeing me hard in the back. I managed to not move and kept the board in place while he rolled down the small hill (made of mostly shale of course) as he climbs back up I said “thanks for the kidney shot!” He laughs and says “I can’t beleive you didn’t drop the board! I hit you hard, that must have hurt! I’m so sorry!”…… Well hubby…..it did hurt!….. But I’m a mom….if it doesn’t hurt as much as labor then it doesn’t hurt! 😆

(I am sure my back will be bruised and sore tomorrow!)

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