Roasted Veggies Recipe…

Not sure how to cook veggies? Have a vegetarian coming for dinner? Here’s a super quick recipe to roast veggies that’s super fast and tastes great. If you don’t like my choice of veggies then swap them out for whatever veggies you like!

Brussel sprouts
Sweet onion
Maple pepper
Tablespoon of butter
(I’m using grape seed oil)
Step 1: chop your veggies, add he cashews and add small cubes of butter totalling about a tablespoon of butter (omit butter if you’d like) . Drizzle with oil and season liberally. Use your hands to toss and coat the veggies.
Step 2: wrap them up in foil and put in the oven at 350° then allow to cook till desired doneness. I usually cook about half an hour.
Open the foil pouch and pour onto a plate or in a bowl and serve!!

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