Stress Free Gravy Recipe…

So what’s more stressful then trying to make homemade gravy using drippings from the turkey? It’s time consuming….stressful because most likely you have an audience watching as this is usually the last thing to make before dinner is served. So what if I told you you can pre make the gravy and still maintain that homemade taste even without using turkey drippings?! Yup! It’s possible! I made my gravy today, tomorrow I will put it in a small Crock-Pot to keep warm while the turkey cooks. Stress Free Gravy! If you run into problems scroll down past the recipe and see my gravy rescue tips.

One large sweet onion
Chicken boullion cubes
Salt and pepper
Butter or your favorite oil
Step 1: melt about 2tbsp butter in a large pot, if your using oil then get the oil warmed up but not super hot (also about 2tbsp). We don’t want to dry the onions so keep the oil warm but not burning hot.
Step 2: add one large shopped sweet onion. Stir and let cook until the onions get soft and glossy. To make this process quicker add just a touch of salt and a half cup of water.
Step 3: once the onions are soft and glossy then add about 2 tbsp of flour, if your cooking for someone who’s gluten free use cornstarch)
Step 4: stir in the flour in so it gets pasty.
Step 5: this is the most important step to avoid lumpy gravy. Add water one cup at a time and stir in until fully mixed in. Then add another cup of water and repeat until you have all the water in. For me Im making 7 cups of gravy. So I added 7 cups of water total. Then add equal amounts of boullion cubes. Stir consistently to avoid lumps.
Step 6: once your gravy has thickened give it a taste. You will almost always need to add pepper even when using boullion cubes. So taste and see if you need to add any seasoning. At this point your gravy is done. For me I’m going to cool it and save it for tomorrows Thanksgiving feast. You can cool it and freeze it in a gallon freezer bag. You can serve it right away or keep in the fridge.

So your in laws are over for Thanksgiving and of course your gravy is just not going well….that’s the way it always seems to be! So here are some common gravy problems and ways to fix them quickly and without drawing attention to the issue.

My gravy is REALLY lumpy!
Be sure you have a strainer like this! Use a big bowl and slowly pour the gravy through the strainer. If your doing this infront of company you can always say your making sure the gravy doesn’t have undissolved boullion or chicken bones if your making gravy from chicken drippings.
My gravy WON’T thicken!!!!
In a large mug put two tablespoons of flour or corn starch. Then add about a cup of HOT water. Stir it together in the mug being sure all lumps are gone. Then pour this mixture into your gravy and stir until it thickens
I OVER SEASONED my gravy!!!
Is your gravy so salty or peppery that it’s making you run for the milk?! Good! Get the milk or even heavy cream! Add maybe a third of a cup and stir it in. Give it a taste and see if it helps. Still not enough? Add a bit more. Oops I added too much! Now my gravy has no flavor! In this case slowly add a little more salt and pepper and taste until you get it right!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

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