Thanksgiving Day…

In my family I am the one that hosts Thanksgiving, I love it! I love to host family events and do all the work that goes with it. But when it comes to Thanksgiving the celebration revolves around dinner…the problem is how to occupy everyone’s tummies while we wait for dinner to be finished. You don’t want to offer to much food but just enough so the kids and adults alike are kept busy.

A couple years ago I was watching Charlie browns Thanksgiving and I had an epiphany! Let’s celebrate Charlie Browns Thanksgiving while we watch parades!!!!! So now every year I set out jelly beans, popcorn, pretzels and even toast! The toast is that very small rye bread loaf and I serve with a dip. My family LOVED the surprise of a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving snacks while we watch parades. And this kept everyone busy on snacking and not looking at the clock wondering when dinner is going to be done. Now I do it every year!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and remember how blessed we are. We all have far more then we need and I hope this season we each can share what we have!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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