Holidays Come to an End…

Is it just me or is the holiday season a whirlwind of emotion?! I LOVE the holidays with a particularly special love for Christmas. I love how black Friday is spent getting the Christmas decorations up! I love the smell of Christmas cookies in the oven and making lists of food needed for family gatherings. I love trying to find the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving and getting presents wrapped for Christmas. But the holidays are often a huge source of stress, myself included. It’s a whole lot of family all at once, it’s remembering those who aren’t here to celebrate with us, it’s homes needing a good cleaning before entertaining, it’s financial stress at times or just such a long to-do list you feel you just can’t keep up! I had planned to share dozens of cookie recipes, ways to give gifts without breaking the budget and my other holiday tips. But life happened and as you can see none of this got accomplished! That’s how it goes sometimes and your often better off going with the flow then getting upset by what you weren’t able to accomplish. I’ve taken down the Christmas decorations and put away the wrapping paper and have celebrated the new year. I have enjoyed this hectic holiday season and am happily waving good bye to it and all the crazy that came with it! Time to start 2020 with our best foot forward and outlooks bright! This is the end of the holiday season 2019 and the chance to start over completely fresh! I may not have been able to blog about all I had hoped too, but it’s time to start fresh and I’m going to be doing some blogs on budget friendly meals, planning a grocery list on a shoe string budget, starting seeds, and hopefully some painting lessons! It’s going to be an awesome year so let’s make it bright! Have a great week! šŸ˜

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