Healthier Mac & Cheese Recipe…

I LOVE Mac & cheese! But let’s face it, it’s not the healthiest meal ever. I wanted to make a Mac and cheese that wasn’t quite so “heavy” had some veggies in it but still felt like comfort food. This is it! It’s 4 ingredients and easy to make!

Ingredients: one head of cauliflower. One brick of shredded cheese, less then 1/4 cup of milk and approximately 3 cups of elbow noodles.
Step 1: boil or steam your cauliflower until it’s very very soft. Boil noodles in separate pot. (cauliflower takes longer to cook then the noodles so start boiling water for noodles after you start cooking cauliflower)
Step 2: place cooked cauliflower in the blender.
Step 3: add all the cheese and a tablespoon of milk. blend until smooth. (Extra milk is dependent on how big the batch is. You can even skip the milk all together if you’d prefer!)
Step 4: Be sure to drain your noodles then pour cheese mixture over noodles and stir. I added a pinch of pepper as well. That’s it!

Adjust the recipe as needed. My daughter would probably like even more cheese in it. My husband would want hot dogs cut up and added in. I like it just the way it is, it’s a great way to enjoy Mac and cheese with added veggies. It would also be good with chopped chicken or adding chopped veggies at the end. You could also just make the cheese sauce for drizzling over veggies as well! This is just the base recipe that you can add your own twist too! Don’t use traditional noodles? Try whatever noodle you like! This recipe is easy to make gluten free!

Hope you all enjoy this recipe! Have a great week!😁

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