Saying Goodbye…

My family has had a lot of loss over the past few years. We’ve had to say good bye to so many family members as well as friends and even pets we loved dearly. I haven’t been blogging to much lately because my father in law has been in a year long battle with stage four brain cancer. His battle has just ended which means I have more time for writing….bitter sweet right?

I started this website with so many ideas and so much hope. Life keeps throwing it’s curve balls and I’ve barely been able to get out a blog a month if I’m lucky. In life we have dreams, our hope of accomplishing these dreams drives us to keep going. But I find when I lose a loved one that those hopes and dreams come to a crashing stop. What gets me most after someone passes is seeing thier material possessions exactly where they left them before passing. When we die we leave EVERYTHING behind….let’s think about that for a minute….before the passing of my father in law I was thinking about sprucing up my spring wardrobe….wondering if we could trade our car in, a little upset we couldn’t go on a spring break vacation and a number of other materialistic thoughts. Then he passes away February 28th….and there’s his walker….his chair…his blanket I made him when he was diagnosed with cancer last year. There’s the candies I bought for him two weeks ago, happily half eaten….there’s his sleep apnea machine on the night stand and his clothes still in the dryer. Everything he had he left behind.

So what are we preoccupied with? Material possessions? Or a life full of meaning? None of us are perfect….I am no exception as you can tell because I was thinking about my spring wardrobe! I’m not saying throw out everything you own and wear rags and try to never ever spend a penny. All I’m saying is remember that life is short… don’t focus on the perfect wardrobe …. Less old car…filling your home with as many treasures as you can. Life isn’t about what you have…it’s who you have. I’m about the luckiest person ever. I grew up with a great family. Quiet cozy homelife, family get togethers full of noise and crowds of us gathered around and so many memories I hope i never forget. Not everyone is as lucky as I am, your family doesn’t have to be blood relations. But appericiate and love whoever your family is. You never know when they might be gone.

I have no regrets, my father in law and I spent a lot of time together during his cancer battle…he’s told me things so personal that I will keep it to myself for as long as I live. No shopping trip could give me as much satisfaction as the time I spent with him. No car with better brakes could be better then the memories of gardening with him. The relationships with people are far more important then material possessions. When our time on earth is over we leave everything behind….only thing we can take with us is people…if any good comes from his passing I hope that I’ve done a good job teaching others about heaven and Jesus. I suppose I’ll probably not know the answer this side of heaven but I am content with that.

Start this week with a fresh perspective on what truely matters! Love others with all your heart and take time to build relationships. You won’t regret that…

(this picture is a picture I took on a tearful nature walk I went on the day before my father in law died)

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