Hope blooms…

Well I think it’s safe to say the last few weeks have been anything but ordinary! I had so much hope for my gardening blogs and really diving in to teaching garden techniques as well as sharing recipes and fun stories. But like all of you, I am now home schooling my daughter and my husband’s “office” is now the kitchen! I have also become a full time mask sewer so I have been incredibly busy trying to find a way to balance all of this!

I’m not even going to try to plan blogs or let you know up coming topics…to be honest I have no idea. I don’t know what my next blog will be about, let alone when I’ll have time to write it!!!! But what I want you all to know is this will get better! The virus will pass and jobs will resume, bills will get paid and grocery stores will restock. Just hang in there! If you live in a place you can safely take a walk then be sure to get outside. Grab a book and try to get some reading done on your porch. Yes this time is stressful, and feels like a sci-fi movie but take the good with the bad. We can’t control much right now, but we can control our outlook. Find the good among all of this. For me, it’s bike rides anytime of day with my daughter, getting to sleep in an extra hour, getting time with my husband who is normally out of state for work all week. Yes our vacations will most likely be canceled…my daughter won’t get a birthday party with her friends this year, she also probably won’t have kindergarten graduation…yes I was hoping to spend time at the beach as well as many other plans we had will not be happening, our house is extremely cramped with all of us home and it’s NY so it’s cold and cloudy which is a bummer. If you look for the negative you will always find it!

Today I had time for 2 cups of coffee and I actually made a family breakfast. I’ve managed to stay caught up on laundry too. I’ve also noticed that I don’t NEED the things I thought I needed. I’ve noticed this whole quarentine thing has rebooted my priorities and what truely matters. I hope it has for you too. Suddenly I’m not concerned that I need to color my hair and my spring clothes don’t fit. What matters more is people having enough food and basic needs for daily life. With all these changes and getting use to trying to juggle everything I have found some hope that things will get better…the bulb garden is starting to bloom! The world may seem chaotic and scary, so be sure to look for the beauty even in the smallest places….because if you look for the beauty you will always find it!

Lone bee getting a snack!
These are all new to my garden so I’m pretty excited to see them come up!
Crocuses probably excite me more then the average personđŸ˜‚

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