Crabgrass, fertilizer and Satan…

You might be wondering where I could possibly be going with this! Well I was in the garden today, carrying my bottle of fish emulsion (plant fertilizer for you garden newbies). I was preparing to feed the garden but 1st I saw there was a ton of baby crabgrass, especially around my pepper plants. In central New York pepper plants are in no hurry to make anything of themselves which leaves them at risk of being swallowed up by weeds. If I fertilized the plants without weeding them then the crabgrass would take over like wild fire. Crabgrass starts out small, non invasive, seemingly harmless….BUT have one good rainy humid day and that small Crabgrass takes over everything! It almost has octopus like “legs” that spread out and in no time at all your garden is struggling to produce any fruit and veggies at all. While weeding out the Crabgrass so I could fertilize my plants it got me thinking about Satan… Satan’s lies often start out as very small seemingly harmless sins like telling a small lie, maybe snitching cookie from the cupboard after mom said no….for you adults maybe it starts out as just watching one more episode of your favorite guilty pleasure TV show, or music you know isn’t appropriate to listen too, or whatever else that tiny seemingly harmless sin in your life is. But here’s the thing, we all have those tiny baby Crabgrass sins in our lives, but before you know it, like baby Crabgrass, that sin will take a deeper root and grow and grow and grow(that’s how Satan works, he’s sneaky and masquerades as something that doesn’t seem too bad, until he takes root)….it will get harder to uproot the bigger it gets. Fertilizer is like God’s promises, God’s truth, God’s wisdom and His love…. If you let it it will change you BUT you have to root out the Crabgrass sins. If I had just poured fertilizer over the Crabgrass and my pepper plants most likely my pepper plants would have grown and improved a smidge…meanwhile the Crabgrass would soak up most the nutrients so the fertilizer couldn’t benefit the pepper plant like it should have. Figure out what tiny sins are in your life….try to consciously root them out and make a commitment to change that sin…you will be surprised what happens when your life is free of Crabgrass and God’s goodness can feed your soul.

Here’s a few pictures of my garden at my home, it’s a small kitchen garden, my big garden is in the country about 15 minutes from my home. The main picture is a beautiful hanging basket my husband and daughter surprised me with on mother’s day!

Peas, broccoli and kale with a few sunflowers mixed in
Yellow summer squash looks like it will be abundant this year! I thought I was planting zucchini….got to love garden surprises! Hahahaha
Cucumbers, zucchini, peas, broccoli and tomato’s! (The rabbits and deer ate most my green beans)
My avacado tree I started from the pit of an avacado! Took over 2years to get it this big but my daughter and I have soooo enjoyed watching it grow!
To entertain ourselves during quarentine we hatched praying mantis! This little guy is one of many hundreds which we released into the garden, this guy didn’t want to get off my daughters arm!

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