Winning the battle…

Every year there is something that grows insanly well and something that seems to just not want to do anything. This year my tomato’s are doing phenomenal but my butternut squash have all but died. I’m not sure what the issue is but today I spent replanting the plants that didn’t make it. When trouble comes we try again….and again…and again. My motto in life is “I know I have won when I can thank God for whatever bad stuff happened”. We all go through trauma, some of us more then others or to different extents but no matter what it’s still hard times which we have to walk through. Sometimes we feel like “oh my goodness how am I ever going to get through this? I can’t, things will never get better”. So wait just a second….what if your trauma can help someone else? What if your story can help someone realise they aren’t alone? When we go through hard situations isn’t one of the worst parts feeling like your alone and no one understands? Well guess what, now YOU understand….so stop being ashamed of your trauma, your past, maybe it was choices made for you or maybe you made some bad choices on your own free will….no matter what your own story is you can heal and you can turn the trauma into a blessing. It takes trusting God and truely wanting God to use your trauma as a blessing to others. For me, once I decided I wanted to let God take my trauma and turn it into good is when I started running into total strangers at the store and finding myself in an hour long conversation about traumas they are dealing with that I can relate too. It’s crazy what can happen when you let God win. There will probably always be things we struggle with with past traumas but when you let it be used for good you have won the battle!

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