My Mother’s chair…

I remember back when I was very young, my Mom was home providing daycare for a number of young kids plus she was raising two kids of her own. I remember every time the daycare kids went home we would stop and look around at the tornado of toys that were absolutely everywhere. I remember helping her clean up those toys (my Mom may remember this differently😂). I remember how small our home was, how our livingroom snuggly held a couch and my mother’s chair. As a child I always thought why in the world does Mom get her very own chair?!?! Could it really be possible she doesn’t want to pile on the couch with Dad, my sister and I?! How could that be?! It can’t be possible that after a long day caring for other people’s children, caring for her own children, preparing and cleaning up after meals as well as other chores, no way would Mom not want to sit snug as a bug with her family?!

Now I am a Mom, my little lady is 6 years old and she is a ton of fun! I absolutely love her to pieces and she brings so much joy to every day. Today we spent gardening as well as doing chores, like most mom’s, it seems as soon as we start getting something done then someone needs something. She’s been talking for about 327 hours straight, she’s sung every song in Frozen 2, she’s reminded me at least a dozen times that she needs a band-aid for her almost non-existent scratch. It’s now the evening and she’s clearly tired and doing anything to keep herself awake, she’s rolling on the couch, rolling across my lap, poking me, poking the cat and completely incapable of sitting anywhere near still. She cracks me up, our kids don’t ever want to stop to rest, yet us parents ache to get a 5 minute break! Five minutes where no one is climbing on you, rolling on you or expecting you to answer a million questions that don’t make sense. As she is currently making gross noises with her mouth while still rolling on the couch I’m laughing thinking “Mom…….I see why you had your own chair!”.

I’m about to get her to bed, she reminded me that going to bed is “super annoying”… 🤣 I remember those days!

I did manage to get a picture of one of my favorite sunflowers. This year’s sunflowers weren’t as abundant as they usually are but thier beauty and cheer still are a welcome sight in the garden!

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