Learning From Your Child…

My little girl has started 1st grade, she was so excited to be able to go full time, in person, even though they all have to wear masks. I was worried these changes would overwhelm her but honestly, all the kids in her class seem to be totally ok with everything that’s so very different this year. I’m always amazed at how much we can learn from others -no matter what age. Often, as Christian’s I think we assume that the older you are, the more well versed you are then the more you must know. I’m not saying there isn’t truth to that because there certainly is, I’m merely saying that lessons can come from all across the board. My daughter came home from school speaking about a situation with a boy in her class. She mentions things he does like kick and hit and is unkind and rough to the other little girls. As a mom, I am upset to hear about this child who has apparently kicked my child in the face and has left a red mark on her cheek. As I talked to her about all that has happened I’ve discovered this issue isn’t new, she’s been dealing with him since the start of school and just hasn’t told me or her teacher! After getting the whole story from her I emailed her teacher just to alert her to what is going on so that she can do what she feels needs to be done to correct the issue. Then my daughter says the best, most truthful sentance I’ve ever heard from her…. “Momma, I had a plan to distract him so he would stop being mean to my friends, but I knew you wouldn’t like my plan……but I did it anyway!” 😂 How often do we, as Christian’s, make OUR plans even when we know they are probably not totally in line with what God wants from us?! It reminds me of God telling Jonah to go to Ninevah and Jonah making his own plan even though he knew that was not what God wanted! Christian or not, we as humans tend to think we know what’s best even if deep down we are thinking “this probably isn’t a good idea”.

Her plan did not hurt the boy but it also didn’t solve the problem(and she was correct, I did not approve of the plan 🤣), thankfully the teacher has done a wonderful job and this child is no longer an issue as of this week. But it did get me thinking about my own life, what plans of mine are based on me and not on God’s plan? What am I doing that deep down I know isn’t right? I think these are good healthy questions to ask ourselves every so often. Finding fault in your own thinking doesn’t make you weak, weakness is being unwilling to admit you aren’t following what God has planned for you!

Lately life seems chaotic, unnerving and maybe a bit scary for a pluthera of reasons. It’s hard to find our path with how loud the world is being, my suggestion is this, turn it off, turn it all off! Take a break and be in silence. What weakness do you have? What is it that’s causing you to make poor choices or to knowingly not follow God’s plan? These questions are hard to find clear answers too when you are stuck in all the loud chaos. The loud chaos led my daughter to make a choice she knew I wouldn’t be super excited about. The loud chaos makes me think I need things I don’t, makes me envious of others who have what I can only dream of, makes me feel like I will never measure up to be what the world says I should be. Turn it off, follow what God has planned for you, it will all fall into place even if you don’t see it right now.

Also, take a moment to enjoy what is right infront of you. No matter what going on, what news event is causing you anxiety, stop and find joy. The picture above is my little lady after exploring a rather deep mud puddle! We often take breaks from the chaos and go to the woods, explore and yes, get covered in mud! No one said being joyful didn’t mean enjoying the mud!

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