Time Goes By…

Check out this picture I took while my husband drove us home one afternoon. It certainly won’t take 1st prize for picture clarity, photography skills or rembering to stop the car before trying to get a good fall photo! But doesn’t fall bring on so many changes? This year has brought on a TON of changes, which has span across the globe on so many levels. But no matter what happens around us there’s still the joy of watching the seasons change. Maybe it won’t be like last year, maybe trick or treating won’t happen as it usually does. Maybe birthday parties will still be different. Maybe we won’t visit the hospital when a loved one has a baby. But what remains the same is summer chases fall and results in a beautiful show of colors. This year in particular the fall colors in upstate NY are absolutely spectacular! Nothing HAS to stop you from finding joy each day. I can enjoy a fall drive in my car, or on hike, I can even enjoy the fall colors while wearing a mask! Yup that’s right! A mask does not have to remove joy or patience from our lives! This will pass, all the craziness will settle down, so enjoy what you’ve always had enjoyed, enjoy it in a new way or find new things to enjoy! You will be ok, as I told my daughter “covid-19 won’t steal my joy!”

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